Fresh Start program

Over 2 Years of Lifestyle and Mindset Support with The Fresh Start Program

Many people find after their Weight Loss Surgery that some of the lifestyle habits that led them to surgery in the first place are still a challenge. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you have the support, motivation and tools you require when you need them most.

Designed and run by an experienced, professional coaching team, The Fresh Start Program is included in your surgical package to help guide and motivate you to achieve the weight, lifestyle and health results you desire after your surgery.

You receive over 2 years’ of support including:

  • Regular face-to-face group support sessions;
  • Access to a private 1:1 phone support session and optional follow-up sessions;
  • Regular support and group coaching calls;
  • 6 months’ of online lifestyle and mindset resources;
  • Phone and email support; and
  • Access to an online private forum.

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Many people who want to move towards their ideal weight focus solely on nutrition and movement. These are clearly very important lifestyle factors, but what if there’s a step that’s equally, if not even more important, and that probably needs to be focused on first for many people? A step that will have profound effects not only on your weight but also on your overall health, vitality, motivation and drive, and it doesn’t require huge amounts of effort?

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